Erwin Thoma was born in 1962 and grew up in Bruck am Großglockner. His love of nature made him decide early on to become a forester. His encounters with violin makers, lumberjacks and carpenters were important to him, as they taught him ancient woodworking skills. He has published numerous books, including "...I saw you grow", "The Secret Language of Trees" and "The Gentle Medicine of Trees" and his latest book: "The Path of the Cherry Tree" was published in October 2023.

Erwin Thoma takes his audience into a world that has become alien to many of us: life with the forest, the fascination of trees and the good life with wood. He describes trees as companions and models for a better way of living together.

In his new lecture, "The Way of the Cherry Tree", Erwin Thoma leads his audience into a generous and joyful world. A passionate forester and visionary, he once again establishes a deep connection between nature and society.

The cherry tree becomes an understandable model for an economy fit for grandchildren. In contrast to the neoliberal market economy, cooperation and giving are important foundations for future prosperity.

We can also use the Cherry Tree philosophy as a model for our own personal journey through life in abundance, joy and courage.

April 2024

W 14, 2024